10 New Years Resolutions for a Hen Party

10 New Years Resolutions for a Hen Party

Posted on: 31/12/2019

If you`ve been entrusted with the task of organising a hen party in 2020, with the turn of the year the pressure is now officially on! January is definitely the time to start organising even if if your event is not until well into the Summer. Never fear though, Black Cat is here to guide you through what you must remember and the best ways to cope with any potential pitfalls.

1. Invite the right people. Sounds like an easy one, but important to get right.I`m guessing you are the Sister/Best Friend or Maid of Honour (or possibly all 3). This is not an area to introduce surprises so an early discussion with the bride to be shows you mean business and will start everything off on the right foot.
2. Decide on a budget. Obviously this is down to personal circumstances, but things to consider are: Travelling away from your home town/accommodation/travel costs whilst there/activities/food and drink, clothes and fancy dress are a selection. Those with a bigger budget sometimes combine a trip abroad with a second local hen party for friends etc with less spare cash/time. Black Cat recommends deciding on what your priorities are and style of the group. If you are travelling away from your home then you may want a bit of time to explore a new place and check out possible eating/drinking places at the same time. I might be able to help here..........
3. Choice of destination. If you are travelling away from home then this can be a real factor in heightening the excitement in the group.It could be a surprise for the bride or maybe the first thing you check with her. I`m biased and would recommend Brighton. It`s set up for hen parties.Even if you all live in London I would definitely consider coming down to the coast. We`re ready to amaze you!
4. Accommodation. Brighton has an incredible choice of accommodation from quirky to £ saver to top hotels. Decide the best value for your group. Black Cat recommends Crown Gardens who have a great range or Beatnik Breaks who have large,boutique style houses especially for hen parties.
5.Date. Could have been number 1 decision of course, but you are controlled to an extent by when the wedding day is and it can be an idea to generate the excitement first of where you are going and possible things to do. Research appears to show that the hen(or stag) party is no longer the week before the wedding, but a tasteful amount of time in advance of it!
6.Activities.A balance is normally a good idea and should reflect the interests/preferences of the bride.Black Cat would politely like to suggest that a personalised hen party treasure hunt is ideal for these circumstances. It is great value,shows you round a great cross section of your chosen City/Town in Sussex, is humourously personalised to include info and photos of the bride following input from the whole group and can be done in teams or as one group.It is also an excellent way to get groups of people from different parts of the Bride`s life to get to know each other.I rest my case.
7.Other activity ideas? Ok..so 1 classic in Brighton. Karaoke at Lucky Voice. If you book a treasure hunt with Black Cat we can give you a codeword to help you potentially secure a 20% discount. 1 not so well known?..Laugh Alive and Love Chocolate. Laughter and Chocolate combined in the same activity..what`s not to like!? 1 well situated near hen party accommodation and a good starting/finishing point for our treasure hunts? Metrodeco tea house. A 30`s inspired tea room that also accommodates hen parties for cocktails downstairs.
8.Food and drink. These two always play a key part and you should allow some time in your research to get a steer on what will be best and available for your group. If you are coming to Brighton, Black Cat has recently secured discounts (10-20%) off food and drink at two excellent pubs (The Mesmerist and The Black Lion) in the famous,must visit `Lanes` district of the City. Once again contact us for a treasure hunt booking in order to secure these vital, all day discounts.
9.Don`t do this alone. It`s probably a good idea to share the role of organiser with at least one other person. What is more I would say take time to check reviews on-line before booking things. Amazon may have been caught out recently with providing fake reviews so when you come to Brighton for example, go first to VisitBrighton`s website to get genuine information on literally anything and anywhere you might want to do/go. For reviews of Black Cat Treasure Hunts you should check us out on Google Map reviews or on our Facebook page or on our website.
10.Clothes/accessories: This will depend if you are arranging a day or a weekend or a trip abroad. Casual clothes for your daytime activities and more glamourous for the evening entertainments. If you are coming to Brighton you should add a pair of sunglasses as the weather is always perfect and for the `day after the night before`....
Some hen party groups add fancy dress. This can be fun and keeps the group together. Remember though that some venues are not always keen on this during the day and also it might take away from your budget on other more crucial areas.

I hope this has helped guide you. For further info on Black Cat Treasure Hunts` personalised Hen party treasure hunts then contact Tim on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk

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