10 Top Tips for a Successful Teambuilding event

10 Top Tips for a Successful Teambuilding event

Posted on: 01/10/2019

Deciding on an appropriate office awayday event is not a task to be taken lightly as there are always lots of points of view to be taken into account. However, here is a handy 10 point guide prepared specially by Black Cat Treasure Hunts to help you show your boss,friends and colleagues how a treasure hunt written by us could be the perfect solution:

1. Team building or Team bonding?  Treasure hunts are perfect for either. Here is a chance to work closely with colleagues from departments you only talk to on the phone or have fun discovering a new City with your regular, great team mates.

2. Tax Deductible. If the economic climate is not to your boss` liking then just drop the phrase "Of course a team building event is tax deductible and includes transport,activity,accommodation,food and drink up to a certain per person cost."  Your boss is already looking into your rise for next year.

3. Testimonials. Bit of a deal maker in my opinion. Black Cat would like to point you to our reviews on Google Maps, on this website and on our Facebook page. Feel re-assured when you see a steady stream of 5* recommendations.

4. Time. I know.... you dont have any! Black Cat can recommend start/finish points,pubs,cafes,team numbers,guidelines,routes for pregnant competitors..anything and everything you need for a treasure hunt in your chosen venue in fact...saving you a lot of time really just to relax and bask in the glory of being the person who suggested this.

5. Travel. Best places to park or be dropped off are suggested. Oh and did I mention it can be tax deductible!

6. Team selection. Part of the fun. The most recent teambuilding event I attended got everyone to pick a random stick of flavoured rock (we were in Brighton). Alternatively if you are ultra competitive and the pride of the company is at stake then I recommended going inter departmental.

7. Thrilling and Testing. Black Cat  believes in using a wide range of challenges,questions and tasks that can range from the daring to mentally stimulating and will involve everyone.

8. Typecasting not allowed. We personalise the hunts by using info and photos about and of the participants or use a theme if preferred or just concencentrate on making the challenges and questions bespoke for you..whatever you prefer.

9. Terrific fun guaranteed. Discover things about a City and your colleagues that you never knew. Watch the video clips and look at the photos afterwards from the other teams. This is not the sort of thing that a regular tour guide will be giving you.

10. Teasing , Tea and Sympathy and Trophies. Teasing in full measures when you see some epic fails from your and other teams. Wash it away with some tea and sympathy from friends and colleagues..or maybe drink something a little stronger if it`s a day off tomorrow. Black Cat Treasure Hunts trophies tend to be fun and imaginative rather than shall we say `no expense spared`! After all if you won our Cockney Rhyming Slang treasure hunt you would be disappointed if a bag of apples and pears was not awarded to the winners!

Contact Tim on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk who can help you organise an event designed to make you look good.

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