Around the World (well..The South of England) in 80 Types of Treasure Hunt -part 1

Around the World (well..The South of England) in 80 Types of Treasure Hunt -part 1

Posted on: 04/09/2019

Black Cat Treasure Hunts are specialists in writing personalised, bespoke and themed treasure hunts for a variety of special occasions and events. The thing is right now you may be trying to get inspiration for how you would like your treasure hunt organised or written, but can`t quite nail that killer idea. You have been given the potentially overwhelming task of arranging the annual teambuilding event or the hen/stag do for your best friend/family member or possibly  an original birthday or  anniversary day out.
First of all congratulations for getting in touch or checking out what is going to be a highly informative blog. Your problems and headaches are nearly at an end! The Black Cat rules in Sussex when it comes to great value, but well written treasure hunts. We have been known to venture to London/Kent/Hampshire and Surrey too when the mood has taken don`t give up just yet!
Midway through July and I think an air of panic has set in for the annual office awayday or teambuilding event. August to October would be good or a Xmas event(more about Xmas later), but as they (who`s `they`?) say, "I used to be indecisive but now I`m not so sure!" Fear are some Black Cat treasure hunt teambuilding favourites from the past year. Pass one of these off as your own idea and I promise to keep quiet when you are receiving all the praise at the end!

#1 Murder mystery...only one with a proper story and colleagues of yours taking up the roles of the possible suspects. Work in teams to work out your version of what has happened. Use the treasure hunt to lead you aroundand draw your own conclusions. This one was so good that when I get a moment it will be a regular option on the website. Choose it now so you get commended for originality.
#2 White wizards v Dark wizards and a touch of Game of Thrones. This recent booking went all in on the fancy dress, persuaded me to dress up too and launch a speech on the cliffs of Sussex. A picnic near the Seven Sisters was followed by a mission to find hidden `energy capsules` around the kingdom of Brighton! -- You wanted ideas!
#3 Middle of nowhere. Sometimes it pays to book some really cool looking accommodation in the middle of the Sussex countryside and get Black Cat to work out a team treasure hunt around the site with fun challenges on route. This is perfect for celebrating your successes and focussing on your challenges ahead.
#4 Done it, seen it, got the t shirt, but have you done a Cockney rhyming slang treasure hunt? No?..thought not. Clues, directions,challenges and even the prizes were all very `Robin Hood` (good).
#5 There`s 90 of us..sort that out!  Recently come across this issue on a couple of occasions and zoned Brighton into 5 areas that could be done in any order (starting from the same point or from 5 different points).
#6 We`d like to come to Brighton, but we are stuck in London. Can you come to us? Yes..of course.. Black Cat has done teambuilding events in the V&A museum, around the sights of Westminster,around Camden Town and in Hyde Park amongst others. The last one entailed starting Mexican Waves on a tube train and playing Les Miserables tunes, blindfolded on a piano.
#7 In Sussex, but we wanted a change from Brighton. Black Cat strongly recommends Chichester,Lewes,Rye,Eastbourne and Midhurst amongst many others with some excellent routes.
#8 We know where we want to start and finish, but need a bit of X factor. This is where personalisation really comes to the fore. Black Cat sends you some non work related questions and along with some photos is able to transform the questions,challenges and general presentation of your treasure hunt. Teambuilding like never before.
#9 Don`t fancy walking about in the rain. Driving treasure hunts (or indoors-see later blog) it is. Sussex contains many wierd and wonderful and unusual sights when driving along. This one could be perfect for your October event.
#10 We prefer being at one with nature, away from the City. Apart from #3, I would strongly suggest our treasure hunt in Stanmer Park (on the outskirts of Brighton). This can be done on foot or bike. Bike hire can be arranged. No maps needed just read the directions closely!

So there are your first 10 for teambuilding. Next up will be the best Brighton routes for a hen party treasure hunt. Got one coming up in August/September?..this Blog will be with you soon...

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