The Ultimate Guide to a Hen Party Treasure Hunt Whilst Pregnant

The Ultimate Guide to a Hen Party Treasure Hunt Whilst Pregnant

Posted on: 12/02/2019

The  activity choices for a hen party are always important factors to consider when you are given the role of head hen party organiser. There is no reason to think that even though there is a good chance  one of your guests is pregnant that your task becomes harder. All you need to do is follow Black Cat`s seven top tips to make this a seamless transition to girl bonding happiness and enjoyment.

1. Variety is key and whilst there is every opportunity for a raucous evening, take Black Cat`s tip of a personalised treasure hunt during the day to open up an inclusive activity that is suitable for everyone. Your pregnant friend will have as much fun as everyone else and will not be inhibited by restrictive guidelines.

2. Advise Black Cat that one or more of the group are pregnant before he devises your personalised treasure hunt. Of course there is a big difference between recently discovered and heavily pregnant, but Black Cat can assess the length of the hunt/the route and rest options.

3. Choose Brighton. Well why wouldn`t you?!, It is also a perfect place for a treasure hunt. There are a few steepish roads that your pregnant guest may prefer not to go up and down, but they can be easily avoided. There are lots of attractions and interesting sites on route that will take your mind of how far you have walked and literally hundreds of cafes/bars and other places to rest and relax if you need to stop.

4. Ask for a circular section within the hunt. Black Cat is skilled at manipulating the routes in Brighton to ensure that your pregnant guest(s) and a friend from the same team(s) or the group can stop at a suitable place and wait for the others to come back round to rejoin them. It could be a great chance  to plan the rest of the route too.

5. Hydrate..Whether you are coming down in the middle of Summer or during one of the more traditionally cooler months, bring some bottles of water to drink on route. It will not be a marathon event, but your pregnant friends will appreciate the healthy thought and it doesn`t mean the others can`t stop for alcoholic refreshment.

6. No can keep the bride to be in the dark about what activities you are choosing if that is how you wanted to organise things, but make sure your pregnant invitee knows what to expect in advance and can make any necessary arrangements. For example they may want to bring their most comfortable pair of shoes for the treasure hunt.

7. Finish the hunt back near your accommodation. Black Cat`s personalised hunts can start and finish at places of your choice. Why not ensure the finishing point is at or within a short walking distance of your accommodation. Part of the fun is marking and judging the answers,photos and video clips created during the treasure hunt and that is best done straight away at the end. Everyone can join in on this. Afterwards it could be a relief for your pregnant friend to have the easy option of returning to the hotel for a rest if needed. The whole group may want to do this anyway to change into different clothes etc.

Black Cat is used to making the routes fit your requirements so contact him today on for your personalised hen party treasure hunt and remember to mention if you have a pregnant guest taking part.

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