There`s No Such Thing As a Stereotype

There`s No Such Thing As a Stereotype

Posted on: 19/11/2018

Everyone says they can think of some stereotypes, for example relating to nationality or body shape amongst many others. I was wondering the other day if I could disprove any stereotypes, but after a while I went off at a tangent feeling it was more to do with preferences.  I think I am the only adult in the World who does not like tomatoes,wine and fizzy drinks. These do not disprove any stereotypes, but has caused the odd raised eyebow on occasions. Possibly disproving stereotypes is about being more open to giving things a chance on more than one occasion or more likely trying things/thinking about things in different circumstances.And when it comes to preferences?...well I discovered I like for example cooked tomatoes ,wine in sauces and I`m not averse to the odd glass of Champagne as a celebration drink!
Can I tempt you to try a treasure hunt that may challenge your previous feelings on the subject or book one as a surprise present for a friend or relation that will demonstrate your originality and ability to think outside the box!
Treasure Hunts are done when it`s warm right?...maybe in the Spring, but most likely in the Summer. Treasure Hunts are done outdoors and normally have a large group of people doing them!..of course. Treasure hunts are only good if you can read maps. Treasure hunts are more about the place you are in rather than the people you are with.

Not so! are the `different circumstances` of treasure hunts that Black Cat Treasure Hunts can offer you to solve all future `presents problems`.
*Treasure hunts can be done at all times of year and Black Cat has written indoor ones (in Museums such as the V&A) and driving ones. (including one that tracks down where Pooh Bear first played Pooh sticks!)
*Treasure hunts can be ideal for couples celebrating anniversaries or for a birthday with a few friends.
*Black Cat Treasure Hunts have a big reputation for the personalisation of our treasure hunts. We include a lot of info/photos about people taking part to add to the fun.We believe this contributes as much as discovering the place where you are.
*Black Cat Treasure Hunts do not use maps. We keep the routes fairly straightforward with clear directions when you will need them.

Christmas is round the corner so why not ring the changes with an original present? Contact us today on  to get the ball rolling.

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