Put your feet up and get the cigar out.

Put your feet up and get the cigar out.

Posted on: 16/10/2018

Everyone likes to look forward to something...a holiday, a birthday, a re-union or maybe just the weekend. Not everyone likes to look back though as often we focus on the things we could have done better, or regret a missed opportunity. People who are always looking back are criticised for living in the past even if it is about something they enjoyed or did well.

Looking forward to an activity or day normally entails some organisational committments. These are not seen as a chore compared to regular organising as there is fun to be had at the end of it! However, in my experience it is normally better if one person has control and the last say when it comes to the detail of organising. Timings,cost,refreshments,accommodation,meeting points,taking time off, co-ordinating/liasing with other people  can all be factors to be considered to ensure everthing goes well.

How can Black Cat Treasure Hunts help you through what is now becoming an out of control list of things to do? This is the time of year for booking Christmas parties..that venue that you always book..that safe choice that no-one argues with. But..how can you get different departments to mingle better  without creating unnecessary stress for yourself.Never fear..Black Cat is here! Contact us today on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk to book a personalised Xmas party treasure hunt for everyone to go on prior to the Xmas meal/party. Black Cat takes care of the timings and on the day organisation whilst all you need to do is mix up people from different departments/offices into teams. This is an excellent value choice and will score you massive points as the person who got everyone together at the right place,at the right time and having lots of fun. There will be no need to `break the ice` at the start of the Xmas meal as it will have already been done on the treasure hunt.

This time next year everybody will be looking back to this  event with great fondness.Different themes, challenges, routes or even places..indoors/outdoors can all be used so that you do not run out of options. It`s time to put your feet up and get the cigar out and get ready to be the office hero!

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