Chickens and eggs in any order

Chickens and eggs in any order

Posted on: 11/10/2018

What came first..the chicken or the egg? is the oldest question in the book. If you don`t have a chicken there will be no eggs laid, but if you don`t have an egg no chickens will be hatched. This got me thinking as to whether there were any other similar (or not!) catch 22 situations.

Well, I suppose Catch 22 is a good place to start. The book of the same name looked at an American soldier`s effort to get discharged from the Korean war on the grounds of proving he was mad with a series of crazy antics. The only problem was that wishing to avoid war proved that you were not mad!

Authors trying to write their first thriller novel, and this is something I have tried, have to consider whether a plan of the plot or the creative spark as to how it will start/end come first or indeed whether you can just keep writing and see how it develops with a natural ending.

Setting up a fun activity does not have too many imponderable questions like least not at the start. When providing a great treasure hunt, Black Cat Treasure Hunts needs to know what it is for..maybe a teambuilding event..or a hen party..or a re-union or a birthday for example. Next on the list is where in Sussex will it be.Brighton is the most popular destination, but this year we have set up hunts in Chichester,Lewes,Seaford and Alfriston amongst other places and on a day out ventured to London to create a hunt in Camden Market. After that comes the most interesting part of how the hunt will be personalised. Will it be by using photos and information about the participants or adopting a theme maybe. A recent theme for a returning company was a Cockney Rhyming slang hunt. This went so well that it is now one of regular personalised hunt options.

The person making the booking needs to get past their own chicken/egg situation though. Do you take a long way round and survey all your staff and see what is the most popular activity or do you rely on great testimonials and high value for money from a professional website and present an option that way? Either way can work of course and depends on your time, budget and any guidelines you have been given. Location, purpose -can the event not only provide fun, but allow for exploration/discovery of a new place and inclusiveness can all contribute significantly to a final decision.

Black Cat can be contacted on to discuss how best to avoid getting stuck at the chicken and egg stage whilst allowing us to crack on with creating a great, original and fun event that will involve everyone. Be the office hero and let us take the strain of creativity or indeed the hen on a hen party who didn`t worry about chickens or eggs!

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