Connections better than separations

Connections better than separations

Posted on: 06/02/2019

I`ve always liked the idea of `six degrees of separation`. In other words that all living things and everything else in the World are only 6 steps or fewer from connecting to each other. The Facebook separation in 2016 was 4.57 between users on average. The average distance on Twitter is 4.67. It`s intriguing in a World with so many people in that even without setting foot outside your front door you are only a post or a tweet away from being connected  to a President or a top film star.

In the days of telegrams or stagecoaches or pigeon post it was more a case of when (and sometimes if), rather than who to, your message would get through. In fact there is a memorial in a Worthing park to the pigeons of World War 1 and 2 who were trained as homing pigeons to deliver secrets undetected. Going further back in history is the story of Pheidippides who was said to have run from Marathon back to Athens to deliver news of a great military success over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. Apart from creating a reason for running marathons today it was a way of connecting two sections of the same peoples in celebrating the same cause.

Black Cat Treasure Hunts always aims to connect people to celebrate the same cause too. Personalised treasure hunts can include information and photos from the different parts of a person`s life which are then woven into the questions and mini challenges. These are ideal for hen parties where the people attending have often not met each other before. Teambuilding to build up a better rapport benefits from connecting together to work out the answers and coming up with creative solutions to the challenges.

It`s not just about the hunt itself. Black Cat aims to stretch its reach by connecting up hen party accommodation providers, entertainment venues, hotels, pubs and businesses to be involved in providing the best hunts possible. Brighton Pier, the i360,Lucky Voice Karaoke, Metrodeco tea salon, Crown Gardens/Beatnik Breaks, a large selection of hotels, Brighton Murder and Mayhem Tours, The Brighthelm Centre and The Cricketers pub are just a taste of the places in Brighton alone who recommend and are connected by Black Cat Treasure Hunts. Those checking VisitBrighton`s website will also see Black Cat Treasure Hunts featured as well .One of the reason why our degrees of separation is coming down is with bookings from Norway/France/Germany/Austria/Germany and USA this year. Don`t be left out...get in touch on  and begin a new connection!

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