Did you know?...Now you do!

Did you know?...Now you do!

Posted on: 01/10/2018

I think it`s always handy to have some fun facts up your sleeve to wow everyone or even win a bet! So here are some to keep you going. Did you know watermelons are actually berries...yes they are! If you are on a double or nothing with that bet, you should be aware that croissants are from Austria and not France despite their name. Hungry for more?..of course you are..there are 20,000 species of bees of which only 7 are honey bees.
You may know that peanuts are not nuts and for those of you taking part in a junior quiz that a baby rabbit is called a kitten, but how many of you are ready for this...Barbie`s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts! Finally, although we kicked this off with watermelons I should add that strawberries are technically not berries! If I had time I would tell you why that is so, but apart from being a bit boring it is important to give you some hard, but very interesting and fun facts about Black Cat Treasure Hunts.

*The company got its name when a black cat followed the owner around the village of alfriston when he was compiling his first treasure hunt.
*Although Brighton is the favourite place for hen parties and teambuilding treasure hunts, the family at the top of the Black Cat Club leaderboard for most points have not done any of the Brighton on-line hunts . This question answering machine prefer to do almost all the ones in Sussex towns and villages.
*Black Cat has set up hunts in Newhaven Fort, the V and A Museum, on a tube train,around a craft fayre and outside Herstmonceux castle.
*Participants have dressed up as Mexicans, Disney princesses,colours of the rainbow and Where`s Wally`s. 

Time now for you to getin contact with us at info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk or call 0744588996 and let us know all your fun facts that you want to personalise your treasure hunt with!

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