It's never too late, but sometimes it's too early

It's never too late, but sometimes it's too early

Posted on: 02/01/2018

The problem with New Year`s Resolutions is I think the whole idea comes too early in the Year! Don`t worry..I do understand the whole concept of committing to life changing ideas right at the beginning of a year. Let`s face it though, for those that have been out on New Year`s Eve the likelihood of making any sensible decisions the next day is unlikely to be too high! "I`ll never drink again." may not last the week.

I think the whole thing should be re-visited with resolutions being introduced in say April/May and last a year from then. There are a number of reasons why I think this has much more chance of working. For a start there is still a lot of chocolate still around at the start of January and for those of us that feel duty bound not to waste anything then a New Years resolution of not eating chocolate is just not going to happen. Secondly the weather from January to March does not help. You want to stay in rather than go down down the gym three times a week to make that get fit resolution work for you.

By April/May though you have had a chance to assess how things are panning out for you in the New Year. You feel like getting out and about, having fun and getting that beach body ready for the Summer. I resolve to help you with these Spring time resolutions in several ways! ...and it includes a resolution you can achieve today!

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