Strictly speaking it`s your decision!

Strictly speaking it`s your decision!

Posted on: 06/11/2017

You don`t have to be a fan of Strictly Come Dancing, but when one of the couples who were hot favourites to make at least the final if not to win the whole competition got knocked out at the half way stage this weekend, it left me wandering about the judging system for not only the show, but also the decision making process of individuals and professional companies for their entertainment on a day to day basis.

The couple this weekend were left in a vulnerable position as they were placed in a dance off despite being one of the top couples in previous weeks. The head judge voted against them which put them out even though this only levelled the voting of the judges at 2-2. 

The lesson to be learnt then from Strictly if applying it to other forms of entertainment provision seems to be it is important to find out or know who the key decision maker is when pitching for business. Is it the owner of the company (head judge from strictly as it were)..or the mass of workers (the general public)..or the wild card in this case..the office manager (no equivalent in Strictly) who organises everything for their friends and colleagues. Maybe Strictly should consider an`office organiser`role whereby someone tallies up the judges scores from previous weeks to decide who has won in the event of a 2-2 draw.

Where does that leave you when deciding which company to choose for your treasure hunt or other form of entertainment? I can only re-assure you on the following and ask you to pass them on to your key decision maker(s)!

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