It`s time for a date.

It`s time for a date.

Posted on: 02/11/2017

In my opinion Britain`s adoption of Halloween as ` a thing` has slightly damaged the reputation of Bonfire Night as the best event of Autumn. It`s fine to have lots to look forward to, but just sneaking in the week before is a little rude. After all, Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators had taken some time to plan the potential blowing up of the Houses of Parliament. Halloween has been stealthily pitched to us by America...we kind of like it, but it`s now too late to have our own date for it.
My point is when you are planning your own office outing, a teambuilding event or a hen`s crucial to choose the right date that suits as many people as possible. You can`t please all of the people all of the time, but you can please at least two thirds if you take a moment to consider what will work. What are your co-workers likely to accept...a surprise event next week or a build up lasting a couple of months to heighten expectation and excitement. Do they want something on their doorstep or do they desire to head for new territories. Will the date clash with anything significant...does the temperature much does your reputation rest on this being an outstanding success.
At Black Cat Treasure Hunts I will promise you 5 things designed to ensure you get the right date (and time) for your personalised or bespoke treasure hunt.

1. Local knowledge..Did you know you have booked to visit the same time as the City marathon or a big festival? I will ensure you take the best route and choose a suitable time to ensure your event goes smoothly.

2. I promise to offer alternatives for last minute bookings for those who like the wow factor, but I also like to plan and add intracacy to a hunt if given a lot of time.

3. I am based in Sussex and Brighton is the number one venue for treasure hunts. I have lots of route/question/challenge combinations designed to fit whatever time of year you are thinking of coming. I am however always prepared to come to you if you are further out like London for example.

4. Some like it hot!...Sussex is a sunny county and that will help you choose a good date in Spring or Summer. However I can write indoor treasure hunts or cycling treasure hunts to keep you warm. A recent treasure hunt inside the V&A museum in London was a good example.

5. Your reputation is my reputation. I will be honest, open and suggest options and solutions to try and ensure you pick the right date and time for your group. Once that is done we are half way to a great event.

For a well timed treasure hunt contact Tim at...   or on 07445818996

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