To book or not to book that is the question

To book or not to book that is the question

Posted on: 04/10/2017

With the recent collapse of Monarch airlines and the stranding of approx 110 000 people abroad, the question of when is the best time to book will inevitably arise. Monarch had been in business for 50 years before going into administration. There had been strong rumours of its imminent demise a year ago, but it secured funding and another licence. Almost 5.5 Million people trusted it enough to book in 2017. Unfortunately, the administration process is inevitably sudden and what seemed like a good decision to book six months ago is not looking so clever now. The stress situation of getting home and getting compensation or probably worse having your holiday cancelled the day before you are due to leave has arisen unexpectedly.

What can you do? Maybe research the company you are booking with if booking further in advance or leave booking until closer to the day of departure if you are unsure on the status of your preferred company.Getting references is always re-assuring from independent sources too.

Black Cat is not looking to go into the airline business, well not at the moment anyway, but we can make the following promises based on current evidence and past performance about booking a personalised/bespoke treasure hunt with us.

*All advance bookings will be completed with time for you to read a first draft and ask for changes/amendments. Why not book a Xmas treasure hunt today for your pre office Xmas party. Job done..lots of credit in the bank already for 2018!
*Late bookings will be accepted where possible as time allows without any additional price rises. We realise somebody may have let you down or your group has only just decided what you want to do...or possibly you have just come across Black Cat Treasure Hunts on Google for the first time and it seems too good to be true!
*Black Cat Treasure Hunts encourages you to read our references first on the review section of Google maps, on our Facebook page and on our website. None of them are made up. You can book with confidence in the knowledge you are getting personal service.

In an uncertain World get excellent value for money for your hen party activity, birthday or anniversary celebration or office awayday/teambuilding activity by booking with Black Cat Treasure Hunts. contact us on

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