Colonel Mustard and the mysterious case of teambuilding.

Colonel Mustard and the mysterious case of teambuilding.

Posted on: 17/09/2017

Colonel Mustard and the mysterious case of teambuilding.
Colonel Mustard and the mysterious case of teambuilding.
When I  was employed I attended some good,bad and indifferent teambuilding sessions. Now I organise teambuilding treasure hunts I try and ensure to include what makes for the best outcomes. For example, a number of large company`s are set up in a way that secretary`s don`t know the finance team by sight or a Manager doesn`t know what their supervisor enjoys doing after work. 

Here are five keys to how a Black Cat teambuilding treasure hunt will ensure a good event and lead to a positive feeling between  employees.

*There are no specific team leaders in a Black Cat treasure hunt. It does not matter who reads out the questions/directions. There is a challenges sheet to keep an eye on too. Photos and video clips need to be taken and the event is time limited so someone needs to keep the team moving along too. It`s a good idea to mix up staff from different departments as well.

*The hunts are personalised and include photos and info of/about the participants. This could be the first time you get to find out that your personnel officer sang at the Royal Albert Hall when they were 10 or the guilty pleasure of the Admin Assistant is playing Cluedo. Finding these things out is fun and leads to a lot of banter and relaxation.

*The route is not designed to get you lost. It is straightforward and includes directions. You will not be relying on one person to save the day with map reading skills.(no maps required anyway) or  over reliant on tech to get the answers. The challenges are Google proof too! It really is a case of everyone chipping in and building a team.

*Black Cat can be employed to organise the start and do the marking/judging at the end with a small presentation. This is an ideal way to take the pressure of Managers or the person who booked the event. After all...I am more than happy to be blamed for your team coming last or giving what looks a biased assessment of a challenge completion just after that team has bought me a drink...

*There is a Monday morning or next day guarantee that  staff will come to work in a buoyant mood ready to exchange stories about the treasure hunt event. After all..who doesn`t want to discuss whether Colonel Mustard or Miss Scarlett is responsible for more murders in Cluedo!

Contact  for further infomation on teambuilding treasure hunts.

Black Cat Treasure Hunts are Sussex based with Brighton the most popular venue, but happy to venture further afield on occasions!

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