Presents..the eternal problem?

Presents..the eternal problem?

Posted on: 21/08/2017

Every birthday is special of course. You know that..everyone knows that.You may even be a good present chooser for the people in your life even if they don`t give you enough ideas. However there comes a time when that birthday starts to loom and you are stumped for that winning idea.
Let`s look quickly at the history of present ideas:
Younger..a house party or the trip to a place of entertainment ...the trade off between a trashed house versus an expensive few hours.
Teenage..that special watch that no-one wears now because they have a mobile or latest computer games that are safer maybe, but not too original.
Young adult..iphone or an experience day. Two expensive options. The first is definitely with the proviso that they buy the next upgrade whilst the second generally has a lot of hidden add on expenses that you didn`t notice originally.
Adults..You`ve moved through romantic options/interest related ideas and joint holidays. Great..all good, but maybe it`s their 40th and they specifically do not want a surprise party.

Only you know best what is really going to make their heart miss a beat when they unwrap this year`s gift, but possibly if you`ve exhausted internet suggestions and still come up short then may I be so bold as to put forward the following original, fun,cost effective,local, mess free present?!

...a personalised treasure hunt from Black Cat Treasure Hunts! It can be held anywhere in Sussex. Brighton is our most popular choice predictably, but we have set up successful treasure hunts all over the county for all ages including one or two in back gardens!
Cost..way cheaper than the alternatives above. Contact us for a quote and you will be surprised.
Adult treasure hunt parties can choose start/finish points. In this way there is more flexibility to control what happens afterwards..everyone buys their own meal/drinks etc. 
Originality is the key selling point to be honest. Photos and info of and about the person it is for are incorporated into the questions/challenges and general presentation of your treasure hunt. Whether is is just for  two of you or a whole group in teams then either way there will be a lot of fun. us on (or on 07445818996) to discuss the best birthday (or anniversary..or Xmas..) present you have ever given.

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