Knights of The Round Table and the New Year vow

Knights of The Round Table and the New Year vow

Posted on: 21/12/2016

It`s coming up to that time of the year when you can consider whether it`s worth putting yourself through the daunting ritual of New Year resolutions. I found out today that the idea of making resolutions stretches back to Medieval times when the knights used to take the `Peacock Vow`at  the end of the Xmas festivity period. It meant re-asserting their commitment to chivalry.

These days our New Year resolutions are normally about doing something we don`t do at the moment or doing better something we are failing at presently. It seems we are doomed  whereas the Knights were only saying they were going to continue what they already did! Is there a lesson to be learnt from the Knights when it comes to the art of resolution making? I definitely think there is and I am kindly going to put forward the following ideas for you to choose from when you make that idle promise on 1st January that `this is the year` I keep my New Year resolution. The difference will be that these resolutions really are achievable.

*I will take the opportunity to get fitter when getting fit was not the primary reason for taking some exercise.

*I will find out more things about myself and where I live or visit in Sussex, but I will expect someone else to create the right conditions for that to happen.

*I will be more creative,imaginative and spontaneous so long as every detail has been put in place and organised in advance for me to do that

*When I spend money on entertainment least once during the year I will ensure that the activity takes a longer time for the amount that I normally get through in half the time.

*When organising a celebration such as a birthday, a hen party, an anniversary or maybe an office awayday I will resolve to be included in the fun.

So to summarise I am suggesting you can be healthier, more knowledgeable and self aware, unexpectedly creative, money aware and fun loving. To be honest that sounds like a big ask and harder than the resolutions I have made in the past. Then could try contacting Black Cat Treasure Hunts on to find out about their personalised treasure hunts that are suitable for all occasions.

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