It`s OK to mention Xmas now!

It`s OK to mention Xmas now!

Posted on: 08/11/2016

When is it officially OK to mention Xmas? September comes and some cheeky shops start up Xmas offers or subtly (or not so subtly) placing Xmas trees next to boxes of Xmas puddings they want to sell before anyone else. This is of course too early and I think there should be some kind of law in place to ban this blatant profiteering. You can include the people who gleefully say only 3 months to Xmas Day on 25 September within the ban!

What about October? Mmm.a bit better I suppose, but it still doesn`t feel right. After all, Halloween is not until the end of the month and whilst that is a stronger American tradition, it does confuse the issue if you have gone full out on Xmas decorations and then suddenly the pumpkins, Spiders and broomsticks appear. There is a school half term to be had in October, but it is not called Xmas half term. October is the middle month of Autumn..Xmas is definitely a Winter month as far as I know.

November!..come on..surely the time is right..or have Black Cat Treasure hunts employed Scrooge to write this blog?! Hear me out. Bonfire Night..a great British tradition to celebrate Guy Fawkes` failed attempt to blow up Parliament on the 5th has to have its moment first. After that?..well..yes to the shops and people shopping. No wish to speak to smug people who have bought all their presents by the end of October/start of November. Definitely research and buy an advent calendar to use from the 1 December.

Ah! 1 December..advent it..go on..mention Xmas..get the tree up..dig out the Xmas CD..knock yourself out..have a sweet Sherry..plaster your house with paper chains. I`m all in!

And when can you mention Black Cat Treasure Hunts` Xmas themed office party treasure hunts then?! Ok..fair enough..fair cop. You should be booking those now in November if you did not already do so in September. These hunts are great fun and will break the ice in many ways before the whole team get together for your Xmas meal.

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