Rottingdean`s Walk on the Wild Side

Rottingdean`s Walk on the Wild Side

Posted on: 05/02/2019

Rottingdean is the new site for our latest walking treasure hunt. Here are eight reasons why Rottingdean: From the Waves to a Windmill should definitely be on your `must do` treasure hunts list

1. The views..The title itself gives a hint of what you can see. The windmill is of course on top of a hill and gives a fantastic view of the village and of Brighton in the distance too.

2. Rudyard Kipling..He lived here for a while and there is now a very pretty garden including a proper Croquet lawn bearing his name.

3. Smuggling..We are not recommending you do this, but with it`s history it naturally gives rise to some fun clues.

4. Museum,Churches,pubs..Just like a proper village should have and this treasure hunt will guide you close by and suggest you enter!

5. Healthy walk..Compact, but with a testing section at the end to get to the windmill this absolutely perfect for families and tourists to get some exercise and have a lot of fun on the way.

6. Contrasts.. A time capsule..authors and painters  a Victorian postbox, one of the oldest cricket clubs in the country. I could go on, but you should be thinking of getting over here now!

7. The Wishing Stone!..Yes!..see it and try out the old village superstition for yourself and make your own mind up.

8. Points!  50 pts on offer for getting all 18 answers right will see you climb up the Black Cat leaderboard  for those of you with the most correct answers of our treasure hunt questions. Check current standings on our Black Cat tab.

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