September Blues and New Beginnings

September Blues and New Beginnings

Posted on: 08/11/2016

I don`t think this has been officially recognised as a condition, but I feel not enough attention has been given to September Blues. Actually, probably no attention because I have just made this up, but consider the facts!

1. Back To School: you may be very intelligent or you might be looking forward to meeting up with friends, but nothing is quite as depressing as 1st September with school looming and the holidays definitely over in all but name.

2. The weather is turning; It`s getting cooler, but it`s not snowing either. Indian Summers only last a week at best and the threat of prolonged rain is around the corner. No-one likes uncertainty of this nature.

3. Boring weekends: No money to spend after the`s not even the month of Halloween or Bonfire Night. What actually happens in this month? oh..and no Bank Holidays either.

4. No positive associations: A far too long countdown to Xmas..the last month before that dreaded mid year financial review`s the time when you actually notice the days getting shorter for the first time.

5. Limited activity options: New TV series often start in September and paradoxically Gym`s often look to increase usage around this time. Better get fit before Xmas..hey who mentioned Xmas again?!

What are you going to do about it?..or more to the point what can you do about it?

What you really need is a low cost..value for money activity that can be used to improve office morale...can be used by groups of school friends or as a family...can be done at different times of the day and in different weathers..would be good at the weekend and improves your fitness without you knowing it. Do you know anything like that?

Contact us at:  (email)..or 07445818996 (Mobile)...just saying! Go`ve had worse ideas!

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