Peanut Butter to Lipstick Kisses.It`s all about Creativity

Peanut Butter to Lipstick Kisses.It`s all about Creativity

Posted on: 08/11/2016

Too often it is easy to `stick to the routine` or `follow the normal procedures`. However, this way of working can be appropriate, even commendable where certain targets or levels of service must be achieved. For example a Solicitors must make sure the transfer of monies on a house sale is done at the correct moment..or..the cleaner must make sure that the areas open to the public are cleaned and accessible for the right time.

A Manager will often turn to the line managers or  P.A though and say, "I want a creative and original approach to implementing this policy". This can lead to some trepidation as maybe the staff in question have been there a while and find this guideline beyond their skill set. For the ones not undaunted by the demand there is the challenge of subsequently persuading the others that their creative and original ideas are suitable and practical.

Why does anyone need to be creative and original in the first place?

*Keeping ahead of your competitors: Taking control of the future with new ideas is the best way to stay in front.

*Motivate the staff: Repetition and standardisation can be monotonous and lead to a stagnation in performance.

*A sense of achievement: This will be gained when taking a step back and then successfully implementing a new and improved way of doing things that will keep everyone happy or happier!

*Change management: Things change all the time and if the changes can be taken on board by adopting a creative and original approach then they will be adopted quicker and more smoothly.

*Work hard!..Everyone deserves fun to reward the effort put in at work. Creative and original ideas are the perfect way to include everyone, but not always easy to find...that`s where Black Cat comes in!............

Our treasure hunts are the most creative, original and fun you will find. From taking a video clip of a running squirrel to eating American Peanut Butter...from getting a `lipstick kiss` to getting a Seagull to demonstrate its catching abilities!..and these were just in the same hunt. Contact us on to get the best in creativity and originality.

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