Brighton Treasure Hunts: Vive La Difference.

Brighton Treasure Hunts: Vive La Difference.

Posted on: 08/11/2016

There are places all over Sussex that are ideal for treasure hunts. Sussex villages often have a mysterious feature that can be perfect to discover on a driving treasure hunt. The Sussex Downs and the Seven Sisters cliffs are amongst the most spectacular scenery in the country and can unleash hidden treasures for you to discover.

How does Brighton fit in so neatly to what Sussex has to offer when really a lot of visitors to the County treat it as a separate entity. In many ways it has its own character of course which in itself is appealing, but it also combines the best treasure hunt characteristics of the other venues around the County too. These are my top five reasons to choose a Brighton treasure hunt.

1. Compact..One of the most regular bits of positive feedback about our Brighton treasure hunts is that they cover a great cross section of the City in a comparitively short space of time. I`m prepared to take the credit for that so long as you don`t mention that that is part of the charm of Brighton.

2. History..from the raffish Regency era that ties the impressive Royal Pavilion to a nearby pub and the historical background that means North St goes East/West and east St goes North/South there is something of interest around every corner. Why are Jack the Ripper and Graham Greene linked?...only a Brighton treasure hunt will deliver on that!

3. Sun,sea,sights and (no sand)..Sussex is a county with a higher than average chance of good weather..a Brighton treasure hunt will benefit. The sea was always felt to be health giving and looking out to it now is always good for the mind and helpful to solving a clue or two.Sights along the seafront..of course. No sand..not actually a drawback as it allows more space for the odd attractions all the way along.

4. Personalised..Brighton is an attraction for team-building treasure hunts, celebratory treasure hunts like Hen party treasure hunts and many more. The reason is that there are so many contrasting options,clues on different routes and question possibilities that every group can have its own unique, personalised Brighton treasure hunt.

5. The people..cosmopolitan will cover it and a characteristic that is perfect for giving assistance to and joining in with your very own Black Cat Treasure Hunt in Brighton.

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