It`s All About The Reason

It`s All About The Reason

Posted on: 08/11/2016

"Not so hard that you could not get any of the clues, but hard enough so that you feel pleased with yourself when you get one. The challenges were a lot of fun and just right for our group."

This recent testimonial is typical of the type of comments applied to our treasure hunts. All too often I have seen other treasure hunts try to be overly smart with their clues or at the other extreme, predictable with the theme. A Black Cat Treasure Hunt aims to understand what you want out of a treasure hunt in every circumstance. Here are 5 different scenarios where this is true:

1. Hen party treasure hunt...personalised with a lot of in jokes, anecdotes and photos featuring everyone on the hunt.By getting everyone featured and involved we help to break the ice when groups of guests don`t really know each other.

2. Awayday treasure hunt...typically a bigger group and the P.A. has been lumbered with sorting an event out. Relax! We send some random,fun questions to all the participants and build the responses into the questions and challenges.The pressure is on to get the answers right whilst having fun.

3. Birthday treasure hunt..more focussed on the birthday holder and typically we find that the treasure hunts are used for a shared birthday event or birthdays separated by a week or two. The `other half`(halves)will got a lot of credit here for an original, fun and thoughtful present!

4. Teenage birthday treasure and The last one we did was sited in a wooded area next to the birthday boy`s house.Clues on trees...challenges to be to be taken..prizes at the end. Sorted!

5. Brighton Treasure size does not fit all and the same can be said for the treasure hunts we write in all the other Sussex towns,villages and events. You tell us your ideas and we will make it a memorable occasion for you.

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