The story of an inspirational Cat

The story of an inspirational Cat

Posted on: 08/11/2016

I have been asked on quite a few occasions on how I settled on Black Cat Treasure Hunts for the company name. It wasn`t an easy process! I started off by going through a large selection of names utilising any variation involving the word treasure hunt, but none really seemed to stand out or were original. After that I was thinking about adventure related words and names involving random colours. The names sounded more appealing, but had got away from the fact that it was treasure hunts that I was trying to sell.

One day I was in Alfriston, a small picturesque village in East Sussex, devising one of the first treasure hunt routes that I completed for the launch of the company..that still did not have a name. Whilst I was looking at a potential clue for a question on the edge of the village a black cat came up to me and started meowing! I stroked it and moved on...the cat followed me! I laughed to myself and hoped the owner was not watching thinking I was trying to take the cat. The clues for the village began to flow and eventually the cat dodged into a garden that I presumed was where he lived.

When I got home to input the Alfriston questions on my came to me...Black Cat Treasure Hunts! It ticked all the connection to good luck...and of course the inclusion of treasure hunts in the title as well. I have been back to Alfriston a number of times since then , but I have not seen the original black cat again. I guess he knew his work was done!

This made me think that probably a lot of people go through the pain of trying to think up the name for a new company. Here are 5 sources of possible inspiration for you to consider...

1.Something personal...a family name..maybe a favourite uncle/aunt.

2.The news..look at newspapers,magazines,TV..has anything stood out or caught your eye?

3.Shapes/Images...maybe the visual World around you will set you off in the right direction.

4.Sounds..can you link them to your business.What sort of impact will they make?

5.A Co-incidence or something funny...not sure if it`s true, but this bloke told me a story about a black cat once...

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