It`s the Final Countdown

It`s the Final Countdown

Posted on: 08/11/2016

1. Birthday..18..21..30..40..50..60..?.we wont ask if you don`t want us to know, but a personalised treasure hunt is the best idea we know for entertaining a wide range of ages!

2. You want a promotion..we know you are good at your job, but convince your boss by booking us to organise a teambuilding treasure hunt for the company.

3. You`ve said it with say I love you with a personalised treasure hunt for Valentines.Let us know all about your valentine and we will create the most original present you have ever given.

4. Here comes the bride!..but first here comes the Hen Party. One of our bestsellers and a great way to get the whole party together.

5. Feeling hot hot hot?...probably not in why not make a start on getting a plan together for an office outing ,Summer treasure hunt...

6. Kids huh?..seen it..done the school outing `t` shirt!...not just yet my friend!  Contact us to organise an original, fun school outing treasure hunt.

7. Bonjour..Je suis le chat charge of foreign students wishing to explore the best parts of Sussex? us..we are not great at foreign languages, but we are at entertaining treasure hunts.

8. Not another Tombola! many times is that bottle of dodgy wine going to be re-cycled?! Blow away the fundraising/fete/event/social committee with your idea for a treasure hunt. Make this the year you really put yourself on the map.

9. Celebrate good times..come on!...we`ve mentioned birthdays, but what about us and we`ll piggy back on your feelgood factor! 

10. The customer(guest) is always right? you run a hotel or guesthouse..then why not ask us to improve your family activity portfolio and see how many questions your guests get right on an originally designed  treasure hunt. or call 07445818996 or leave us a message via this website.

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