Expect the Unexpected.

Expect the Unexpected.

Posted on: 08/11/2016

1.Fun...There will be a lot of fun challenges along the way to keep everyone involved and entertained.

2.Competition...These are designed for sports clubs so we add points to each question and challenge specifically so that you can do it in teams.

 3.Personalisation...Play a few tricks on competing club members by sending us some photos and amusing anecdotes about them in action for the club. We will work them into the questions and challenges.

 4.Theme...Optional, but potential for added fun by choosing a theme for the event or relating it to your sport.

 5.Anywhere...Black Cat Treasure Hunts will write a treasure hunt in your village, town or city in Sussex 
 especially for you.

 6.Dress up...Why not attempt the hunt in club kit or in any kind of fancy dress?

 7.Raise a little money for club funds...The treasure hunts are excellent value for money and open the possibility of combining it with a presentation social afterwards to raise some funds for the club.

 8.Year round..Ideal in the Summer, but great for team spirit during the Winter too.

 9.All weather...Black Cat Treasure Hunts can be done on foot..in a car or even running along!

 10.Knowhow...Black Cat Treasure Hunts have had over 25 years experience in the leisure industy and know what sports people expect from events.Fun.organisation and competition.

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