It`s The Small Things That Matter.

It`s The Small Things That Matter.

Posted on: 08/11/2016

Sometimes people interchange the words personalised, bespoke and corporate when talking about one-off special treasure hunts. We at Black Cat treasure Hunts have probably been guilty of that too! In this blog we are going to answer 9 questions in which you can find out the differences or similarities between the three and help you decide which is the most suitable treasure hunt for you.

1.Who is it for?: This is the real nitty gritty question of course. Personalised treasure hunts can be for individuals (like a hen party treasure hunt or a birthday party hunt), but involve other people known to that person. Bespoke treasure hunts can be set up for a leisure attraction, an event, a charity, a hotel etc and are designed to be suitable for all the people attending the site or occasion. A corporate treasure hunt is more typically for the employees of a business on an away-day  teambuilding activity or searching for something fun to do after a day at a conference or business event.

2.Who would book these different treasure hunts?: The personalised treasure hunts are normally booked by a friend of the person/people the treasure hunt is focussed on.(eg. the bride to be, the birthday boy/girl, the couple celebrating an anniversary.) A bespoke treasure hunt will be the decision of an owner of a leisure site or the organiser of an event whilst a Corporate treasure hunt is often set up by a P.A on behalf of the rest of the staff attending.

3.What type of style and questions are used in the hunts? The style can be similar for the three types of treasure hunts in that they will be designed to be fun and appropriate for the people likely to be taking part. Personalised treasure hunts will include photos and information about the person/people the hunt is designed around and link those directly to the questions and mini challenges on route. A bespoke hunt however will focus on the content of an event or layout of an attraction. Black Cat Treasure Hunts will adapt the questions/challenges according to any guidelines given. A corporate treasure hunt will be a combination of the other two in that there will be questions on route relating more to where the hunt is based, but can also include photos and info about the participants to add to the fun.

4.Have Black Cat Treasure Hunts created treasure hunts for all 3 types? Yes, we pride ourselves on our creativity and value for money in these styles of treasure hunt. We have done numerous personalised treasure hunts, but aim to make them all special and different. We have done bespoke treasure hunts for garden shows, in an aquarium, for guests at two London hotels and on a castle grounds.We have completed corporate treasure hunts for all sorts of different businesses at different times of day.

5.Do Black Cat Treasure Hunts manage the treasure hunt on the day? We give that option, but generally personalised treasure hunts are run by you at a time to suit you. Bespoke treasure hunts are designed to last over a longer period of time and will involve a longer period of initial discussion in order to make sure it is correctly designed. A corporate treasure hunt is more likely to involve Black Cat Treasure Hunts on the day to judge photos, mark the answers and arrange a mini presentation.

6.Is the cost of these 3 type of treasure hunts the same? No..personalised treasure hunts will be cheaper as less people generally are involved. Corporate treasure hunts will cost a little more, but are exceptional value compared to any comparable providers.A bespoke treasure hunt can vary depending on requirements, but once again have been noted for their superb cost effectiveness. Black Cat Treasure Hunts charge a set £50 for half day event management services.

7.Do Black Cat Treasure Hunts set up these 3 styles of treasure hunt outside Sussex? Well..we are Sussex treasure hunt specialists due to our local, County knowledge. Most of our personalised treasure hunts are in Sussex (for example Brighton is a favourite place for hen party treasure hunts). However..(!) we like a challenge and are happy to venture further afield to set up  bespoke and corporate treasure hunts.We have set up successful bespoke treasure hunts in London, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent.

8.Are there any things that are always the same for personalised treasure hunts, bespoke treasure hunts and corporate treasure hunts? yes..they are all fun to take part in , great value and creatively written!

9.Do we contact different people for the three types of treasure hunt? No.. email us on: or call us on 07445818996 with your enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!

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