Don`t Be Chicken.Book One Of Our Hen Parties

Don`t Be Chicken.Book One Of Our Hen Parties

Posted on: 08/11/2016

In this month of romance we thought it would be a good idea to give you our ten top tips for why treasure hunts are great ideas for part of a hen weekend and how to arrange the best hen party treasure hunt in Sussex.

1.See the excellent chance to find out where everything is in what may well be a new City/Town to you and have a lot of fun doing so.

2.Get out and about in Brighton or anywhere else in Sussex!.. Brighton is normally the top choice for hen weekends in Sussex, but Black Cat Treasure Hunts will organise a fun treasure hunt anywhere for you in the county.

3.Group bonding...treasure hunts are a brilliant way to bring a group together and make friends particularly when it is likely the whole group will not know each other at the start of a hen weekend.

4.Excellent value activity that will last a morning or an afternoon...Black Cat Treasure Hunts offers superb value and we are very flexible in terms of how long you would like the hunt to last.

5.Get Personal!!..Our hunts use photos and information about the bride to be within the questions, clues and mini challenges that make up the treasure hunts. Print off an extra copy as a lasting memento of the day. We can suggest start and finish points or work around the rest of your planning for the day.

6.Laughing sets the tone for the weekend..our questions are amusing and the challenges are fun and creative. You wont be able to stop laughing at yourself and the rest of the group.

7.Book..relax...get the credit....Contact us on to arrange the booking..then let us write an inventive treasure hunt covering a wide cross section of your chosen venue..and then get all the credit from the rest of your group for organising an excellent, high value activity for everyone!

8.Get more on this link:  for our hen party website page and get a code entitling you to a further £10 discount!

9.Competitive?..we can help. Points can be allocated to each question and challenge. You split into teams and mark/judge your answers/photos and videos at the end.

10.Trust our references..we continually get testimonials praising our creativity, thanking us for the fun that the whole party contributed to and the value for money.


Brighton Treasure Hunts and other Sussex Treasure Hunts too!

Brighton is currently our top choice for treasure hunts in  Sussex. Here are the top five reasons for joining the crowd and choosing Brighton and five more for deciding to choose a different venue in Sussex. 

1.As Sussex` premier City, Brighton is the liveliest, most cosmopolitan place on the South coast to visit to have your treasure hunt.

1.You may like to choose your own Sussex village or town for a group treasure hunt. Black Cat Treasure Hunts was recently chosen to set up a birthday treasure hunt for 10 families around the village of Cuckfield.

2.Brighton can be considered a compact city and as such has a lot of attractions and interesting things to see close together making for an excellent treasure hunt route.

2.Sussex villages have fantastic countryside and often unusual things to see and great history too. Why not request your own driving treasure hunt through a selection of Sussex villages to celebrate a birthday.

3.Brighton is a magnet for conferences and business teams on away days or teambuilding events. Why not ask Black Cat Treasure Hunts to sort out a special treasure hunt to complement your stay in the city.

3.Sussex towns along the coast such as Rye, Hastings, Eastbourne and Seaford can provide a fascinating backdrop for treasure hunts for social events, student visits and sports clubs events.

4.Brighton`s corporate entertainment or activities for celebrations such as hen parties or anniversaries can be expensive. Black Cat Treasure Hunts pride ourselves on value for money and often surprise people with our cost effectiveness.

4.We can set up treasure hunts for shows, special events, visitor attractions anywhere in Sussex. Last year we had treasure hunts in castle grounds, at garden shows and for sports clubs socials..none of which were in Brighton, but spread around Sussex.

5.Brighton is quirky with odd and unusual shops, museums, a pier, Royal Pavilion and a huge range of restaurants, bars and clubs..made for treasure hunts and places to relax and have fun afterwards too.

5.Black Cat Treasure Hunts specialise in personalised treasure hunts meaning we can incorporate your photos and info into questions/challenges and interesting routes anywhere in Sussex. we can make them whatever you want them to be. Contact us today on



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