6 Ways To Decide On The Start And Finish Points Of Your Treasure Hunt

6 Ways To Decide On The Start And Finish Points Of Your Treasure Hunt

Posted on: 11/06/2021

Deciding on where you would like your treasure hunt to start or finish can be a problem when you are making a booking in a city or town you don`t know too much about. This is particularly true, for example, for a hen party or teambuilding treasure hunt. It`s important to get the format of these type of treasure hunts right and that is where Black Cat Treasure Hunts can help with the following six ideas:

1. Train Station: If this is a one day visit or maybe the last visit of a longer stay then it might be helpful, if the whole group has come down by train, to finish off the treasure hunt at or near the train station. After extensive research Black Cat can tell you that one of the best value car parks in Brighton is situated just behind the train station! So if you are travelling by a combination of train and cars then this a doubly good idea!
Also, Black Cat can recommend the pub called Grand Central in Brighton. This is perfectly situated just across the road from the station and an excellent venue to celebrate the winners of the treasure hunt before setting off home. They even have a secret beer garden on top of the pub!

2. Accommodation: Now you may not be too familiar with the lay out of the city or town you are in, but you do know you want to be back at your accommodation- whether that is a hen party group at an airbnb or a  company at a hotel, by a certain time. Black Cat Treasure Hunts will research the best place for you to start to ensure that you arrive at the prescribed time. This may mean it`s a circular hunt or possibly, if you are on the edge of town, there will be a recommendation to get transport to a more central location to start the hunt.
Let`s not forget that a hotel bar makes a rather convenient and welcoming place to finish for the marking/juding and presentations before the group get changed for an evening meal maybe.

3. Eating Place:  You may wish the treasure hunt to finish at a restaurant, pub or cafe or even on the beach for fish and chips. Black Cat Treasure Hunts can send you ideas for suitable places and also arrange the hunt to conclude either in your chosen venue or the best place to access it. 

4. Next activity:This can be typical for hen party treasure hunts. Having concluded the treasure hunt you could be moving on to another activity. I will use local knowledge and the power of Google maps(!) to decide the best place to start the hunt so that there is not too great a distance before arriving at your next, booked activity. 

5.Anywhere!: This is an interesting one for me as typically I will choose a route that covers the best cross section of your chosen venue. It is likely you will have a little more flexibility on your timings so that you can arrive at the prescribed place on time and are aware of where the treasure hunt will finish.

6. Fit in with a theme: This route may involve a bit more discussion than 5. in that you could choose a theme which possibly covers a couple of places of your choice, but after then is down to Black cat to decide. These elements will eventually lead to a suitable and natural route to choose with agreed start and finishing points.
So don`t get confused about where to start and finish...get in contact with us today on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk  to start your booking.

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