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Brighton: In, Out and Around The Lanes

Start Postcode: BN1 1HB
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Number of Questions: 16
Total Points: 30

This hunt guides you through the famous Lanes district of Brighton, one of the most visited sections of the City. From jewellers to smuggling and dolphins...this treasure hunt packs in the questions like no other. A relatively small distance which is flat and easy to walk, albeit narrow at times, nevertheless seems longer as you weave in and out of this historic area of Brighton.
Follow the Prince Regent to the first question, through and around to the most modern and chic Dukes Lane. You will be tempted to stop often and enter a wide variety of shops in-between the clues. Our directions are simple and clear and will give you the helping hand that is sometimes necessary to take you round what can be a confusing pattern of alleyways.
This hunt is ideal for first time visitors to the City wishing to explore this renowned area and also locals looking to add some fun to a regular walk. Suitable for all ages and those in wheelchairs ,with some proviso`s about the narrow lanes.
Don`t forget to return to the website to input your answers afterwards to see how you got on and to tally up your Black Cat points. You may even land up on our leaderboard. 
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