Cockney Rhyming Slang Theme Treasure Hunt

Tradition has it that if you are born within the sound of  Bow bells then you are a true Cockney. So is Cockney Rhyming Slang just for Londoners? Not a bit of it! Choose this original theme for a creative and interesting treasure hunt  anywhere in Sussex.. and London too! 

Go into a `Battle Cruiser` and make a stranger `bubble bath` at your `egg yolk` may seem Double Dutch at this stage. Work in a team to `translate` this though and with the aid of  numbered points on a map to guide you to the right place to find the answer  you will soon be getting the hang of this fun and entertaining treasure hunt.

Ideal for a teambuilding event or an office awayday you will have great fun completing challenges and discovering places that are both familiar or totally new.

With a blend of mainly classic cockney mixed with a sprinkling of modern phrases and `mockney`this hunt will have something for everyone. Discuss what the  word is for a photo of Calvin Klein (wine by the way) or work out where you can take a photo of items from the cockney for suit (whistle and flute) will have you racing around the town of your choice in this time restricted event.

Optional, but recommended hire of Black Cat himself to give you guidelines, set off all the teams at the same time and do the marking/judging of your answers/photos/video clips at the end. Original presentations of `great` (ok..odd!) prizes too. Will you win a can of `Loop the Loop` (soup)..or..scoop the big prize and win the stairs! (handfuls of apples and pears!)

Don`t us on for an extremely competive quote depending on numbers.

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