Top Reviews and Testimonials.A Black Cat Treasure Hunts Guide To Making The Most Of Them

Top Reviews and Testimonials.A Black Cat Treasure Hunts Guide To Making The Most Of Them

Posted on: 25/02/2022

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

Black Cat Treasure Hunts recently received two treasure hunt enquiries on the back of the enquirers seeing our excellent testimonials. This got me into thinking more about reviews,testimonials and how best to make the most of good ones and where to place them.
Did you know that 72% of people say that seeing  testimonials gives them more trust in the company displaying them. This does not surprise me actually as I always have a look through reviews to give me re-assurance that I am making the right choice. 
What about fake reviews? This is a slightly contentious one and of course there are arguments for providing as much information about your reviewers, maybe with images, against those that say it is easy to get around any restiction if you really want to. Black Cat`s view is that the `tone` of the review is where you can tell whether it is legitimate or another glowing reference from the owners best friend or family! Black Cat Treasure Hunts provide both style of testimonials and reviews to provide balance.  I use Google reviews (on Google Maps) and Facebook to allow people the choice to leave their own personal details (ie name/option on image) when leaving a review and star rating. Alternatively, the website testimonials are taken from instant feedback from my customers either before,during or after they have completed the treasure hunt. My feeling is that these unforced reviews should be shared without chasing people up to confirm addresses/image etc and that you can tell how they feel just by the type of things they say....(see below!)
"I gave Black Cat no time to organise a surprise 70th birthday hunt for my dad after exhausting all avenues for the perfect gift for the man who has it all.Not only was it delivered in super quick time, it was personalised and exceeded all expectations. A group of 15 completed the hunt last weekend.There were 5 car loads of family and friends who absolutely loved the day and have all - without exception asked me for the website details. From 8-80 years of age we had the best time. We laughed,we argued,but we had a blast and everyone said what a great gift it was. So what are you waiting for!! Far exceeded all of our expectations and fantastic memories made. Well done Black Cat!"
This sort of review is just so authentic. I have no time to come up with this as a fake insertion. In fact I prefer the longer reviews sometimes to the snappier ones. I take time to read the longer ones too when I am purchasing.I`m pleased to get short,happy reviews too though.....!

"One of my friends passed on your details, as apparently a trip to Brighton isn’t complete without one of your treasure hunts!"
Presentation of testimonials is something I want to explore more on my website. Highlighting in colour (as above) to make the best ones stand out is an interesting idea. Placing testimonials in different places rather than just all together on their own separate page is another. I have read for example you should place a strong review on your Home page as it is one of your most visited pages.That of course makes sense and so did being `product specific`. Why not share some testimonials on the hen party and team building treasure hunt pages too. This sounds like a simple, but effective idea as they are my top selling personalised treasure hunts, but something I have neglected to do. I will be rectifying that soon! Another suggestion for testimonial placement also includes on the About us/contact page (I`m sure a few people have said nice things about me specifically!) 
Dividing up or grouping the comments on the testimonial page is an interesting idea to develop along the lines of B (Before the treasure hunt)....good communications...treasure hunts ready on requests were dealt with. D (During the treasure hunt) was the route interesting...were the questions amusing...were the challenges well personalised. A (After the treasure hunt)...the more traditional type of review...we all had a great time...will pass on your day out we have had for ages.
An alternative approach to the grouping idea might be to use headings of which cities/towns are being referred to in the review. Although, I think this will be better in the product specific page. (see below)

"I arranged a Treasure Hunt for a work team outing in Worthing, girls v boys, and after reading the positive reviews online contacted Black Cat Treasure Hunts. Tim ensured we had a great afternoon. He created a really fun hunt for us with the theme 'Weird and Wonderful Worthing', everyone in the group said it was a brilliant afternoon....even the boys who lost! Would definitely recommend and hope to arrange another hunt soon."

So, in summary, I think it is best to try and make the most of reviews and testimonials and my aim now is to be more creative with how and where I display them on the website and elsewhere.A great testimonial or even positive feedback, if you prefer that as a term, can make your day if you know you have put a lot of time and effort into their treasure hunt. I know I said I prefer the longer reviews, but on occasions the shorter ones can make you laugh and almost mean more....
"I've had a look through .. IT LOOKS BLOODY BRILLIANT."

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