There is No Plan B.Time To Give Us A Call!

There is No Plan B.Time To Give Us A Call!

Posted on: 03/02/2022

By Tim Carter (owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

Black Cat Treasure Hunts have never been normal, to borrow VisitBrighton`s slogan, but we can`t wait to welcome back hen party groups and companies on team building visits in person.

Working from home and tactical use of Zoom is definitely part of the conversation for the way forward in future, but in terms of entertaining and worthwhile events, then getting together physically is still the best solution. I have selected some of the changes (below) coming into force at midnight, as Plan B restrictions are now fully withdrawn. The time feels right for you to get on your laptop or mobile and contact me (Tim) to (re-) start your treasure hunt booking.
Check the changes  and then my mini summary at the end.

Key changes on January 27 include:

  • The end of mandatory Covid passes in England, with businesses allowed to use them if they choose.

  • A mandatory requirement for facemasks will end, including in classrooms for secondary students and on public transport.

  • Individuals are however recommended to use them in crowded indoor venues, but told to exercise their own judgement as necessary

  • Working from home will no longer be required.

  • There will still be a legal requirement to self-isolate if you test positive for Covid.                                 


    There is flexibility for you to stay safe if you are bit nervous still in terms of meeting up in groups and I should add that Black Cat himself is fully jabbed and boosted!  Apparently, too, Omicron peaked on the 5th January so if you give yourselves a lead in time of 2-4 months for your group event then numbers of infections should be significantly down by the time you get to Spring or the start of Summer.In the  late Summer and Autumn period prior to Omicron, I found it significant how many people had not met all the people working in the same company as them. The look of happiness on people`s faces when they did was a joy.Similarly, for hen parties--some of them being held at the third time of asking--it was great to have more choice and flexibility.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon on   or   07445818996.                                   

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