Online treasure hunts and personalised treasure hunts.How to tell the difference!

Online treasure hunts and personalised treasure hunts.How to tell the difference!

Posted on: 04/01/2022

Written by Tim Carter (owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Although I am not particularly one of those people who sets New Year resolutions, the subject matter of this blog is one that I have been meaning to write for some time and, as such,would be an achievement of sorts! Got to start with a small,easy win...right?
Here then is a detailed comparison between my easily downloadable, online treasure hunts and the bespoke,personalised treasure hunts which are made to order and sent via email.
1. Purchaser vs Organiser
The on-line treasure hunts are ready to start straight away and suitable for visitors to a new place. Whoever makes the purchase may have done so for many reasons, but is more likely to be just one of a group of family or friends completing the hunt together. There is no sense of this person being an organiser on the day of the treasure hunt.
The personalised treasure hunts however require an appointed person to liaise with me (Tim) via email.( ) A hen party treasure hunt will need photos and info about the bride to be sent in advance. A team building treasure hunt may want more emphasis placed on the start and finish points and possibly incorporate a theme into it too. A head bridesmaid, a P.A., an Office Manager or a Wellness Manager are the ideal people to choose as your organiser.
2. Last minute vs Time may not be of the essence.
If you make a decision that a treasure hunt may make an original and fun way to explore and discover a new place it may be that you decide to download one (to do on paper or via your Smartphone) the day before or on the day.
The timescale above is not appropriate for a personalised treasure hunt. I have written this style a week before the event and in that instance I would have to say that time was of the essence(!), but generally most organised treasure hunts to be done in teams whether it is for a a hen party,teambuilding,foreign students or a special event are generally initiated at least a couple of months in advance. I have had one hen party contact me a year and a half ahead of the date before!
3. Contented vs Content is King
The online treasure hunts are pre-written with a set route and have 10-20 questions (small price range). There is no need for you to do anything other than to follow the few directions and answer the questions. Simple,straightforward, fun.
The personalised treasure hunts are of course more detailed. My main speciality is to work in the photos and info you send me in an amusing way to add to the enjoyment of the whole group.It is important to me that I hit the right tone in the content of your hunt. I will ensure there is enough time for you to advise on a first draft and advise as to whether any changes are required. A themed treasure hunt, for example the murder/mystery treasure hunt, requires close attention to detail to make sure that I take every opportunity to link up challenges,questions and general content.
4. Staying on route vs Our decision together
All the downloadable hunts have set routes and you will have chosen one to suit you. This website details where to start and the treasure hunt makes it clear where the end point is. Follow the questions in order and you will have no problems. Not all the routes are circular.
In the case of a hen party or team building treasure hunt you may wish to specify your accommodation or a particular restaurant as your start and/or finish point. This is absolutely fine and a benefit of these types of treasure hunt. I started a team building treasure hunt once from their hotel in Brighton Marina  (for those of you who don`t know that is a 30-40 mins walk into the centre of Brighton) but used the oldest electric train in Britain (Volks railway) to get them along the seafront (and answer questions on route). The personalised treasure hunts may use and combine different parts of the online treasure hunts, but are unique in where they go. It may be that some of the challenges will take you off route too!
5. Sussex vs Sussex and the rest of the World (kind of...)
The map of hunts shows you where in East and West Sussex all the downloadable treasure hunts are located. It is a great county to visit with continuous coastline and interesting history. I like a quirky question or two as well. There is a good cross section of places you may wish to visit featured. I am not ruling out locals to Sussex here by the way. Completing one of these treasure hunts can add interest to a regular walk and all the points for correct answers are totalised when you log back in with your answers. The top 15 or so are featured on our Black Cat leaderboard!
Anyone considering bespoke treasure hunts that are personalised for team building, hen parties, birthdays and all other celebrations and special events often presume that Black Cat Treasure Hunts just sticks to Sussex. Well, I am an expert on everything to do with treasure hunts in this county, but I have ventured to Hampshire,Surrey, Kent and more often to London to write this style of hunt. The treasure hunts in Camden,Westminster,Hyde Park and Shoreditch went down a storm. I add on my travel expenses and travel time, but it is a small price to pay for excellence!
6. Cost of a cappuccino shared vs a couple of drinks each.
Some of you may wish to shop around based on price. I can guarantee that any comparable online hunts will be more expensive than the ones featured in our list. As you will see most of them are around £4... which was the cost of the last cappuccinno I had.
The personalised treasure hunts are costed on a per head basis and depend on numbers and where the hunt is to be. Discounts for higher numbers are available and a general guide is around a couple of drinks per person. The hunt will be original, last for two hours + time to set off at the start and the humour involved with markingjudging and declaring a winner at the end. Even (especially) the London  treasure hunts remark on the exceptionally good value. Check out our google reviews and testimonials. Be careful when comparing personalised treasure hunts. Ask if they include unlimited info and photos, is it all linked up to questions and  original challenges,do you see a first draft,can you choose your start/finish points. If they say yes to all those questions, that`s great.Now ask them the price....
7. Does what it says on the tin vs Some little added extras and the personal touch.
You choose your preferred treasure set up a free account and then you pay for and download the hunt. You complete the treasure hunt. Fun,easy to follow. I am at the end of an email ( if you need any help accessing the hunt. I can always email it directly to you if any problems.
For those of you booking a team building treasure hunt or a hen party treasure hunt, for example, you might want to call me (07445818996) to chat over the details and your ideas for the event. I can also prove I exist beyond my laptop! What else can I do? I can give you ideas on additional activities ...where to park...where to eat...accommodation ...all at no extra cost. I have contacts with a number of the hotels and pubs in Brighton and can arrange a reserved space for you to have a drink and relax at the end and to do the marking. Talking of which , for a small(ish) optional ,additional fee, I can attend your event on the day. I will organise the teams with guidelines and set them off, and do the all important, unbiased and, at times, subjective marking at the end! I will even have some fun prizes (for all the teams). Nice for someone else to take on the pressure of friends,family and colleagues on the day?
Oh...almost one of these hunts in Brighton and I can get you 20% of your karaoke booking. I know, I know...thank me later.

All enquiries/bookings to Tim:  or call 07445818996. I will respond within 24 hrs if you leave a message.

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