Green lights for hen parties! The Champagne is on ice.

Green lights for hen parties! The Champagne is on ice.

Posted on: 11/05/2021

With all the signs pointing to stage three of lockdown easing to go ahead on 17 May and then final lifting of restrictions on 21 June, so too has interest in booking or re-booking hen parties, as wedding numbers get set to be expanded.
Recent enquiries have been for June/July show the competition is now on to secure accommodation, activities and all round plans for the long awaited hen do. The champagne is the only thing that needs to be left on ice.
Black Cat Treasure Hunts specialise in hen party treasure hunts, not least for hen party occasions. The questions are what do they entail and why are they the perfect activity for the daytime on your hen day/weekend?

*Personalised hen party treasure hunts use info/photos about the bride to be which are worked into the questions, mini challenges (involving taking photos and video clips) and general presentation of the hunt. This makes the hunt special, especially as we do not have strict rules for the amount of photos/info used. This is not a quick photo on the front cover and a couple of photos elsewhere which some companies pretend is a personalised treasure hunt!
*The hunt serves as an exploration and a discovery at the same time. A great way to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings, but also finding out about them too. You will thank us later on in the evening as you confidently stride around all the places you came across during the treasure hunt.
*A hen do often has guests attending from different parts of the bride to be`s life. As a result there can be the need for some gentle ice-breaking between these groups to get the party into full swing quickly.Our personalised treasure hunts can be done in one group, but probably work better in teams. Why not mix up the teams to speed up the `getting to know others` process. Nothing works better than having fun and contributing in a fast and furious treasure hunt.
*By knowing in advance where the start and finish of the treasure hunt is going to be you will have the opportunity to do some advance planning and get a head start maybe on deciding where to have lunch or not worry about directions to a follow on activity. Our routes will lead you the right way!
*For an activity that lasts 2-3 hours including the marking/judging time-which can also provide a lot of laughs--this will prove to be extroadinarily good value.Not only will we quote you a set fee that incorporates any changes/amendments after you have seen a first draft, but if your treasure hunt is in Brighton we also send you details of discounted food/drink and karaoke in selected venues! Can`t say fairer than that.
*Black Cat lives and works locally. if you are not familiar with Sussex, do you need additional suggestions/help about where to stay/things to do? Maybe we can extra fee of course!

These are just some of the benefits to be gained from choosing a personalised treasure hunt and Black Cat Treasure Hunts (of course!) to provide it. I will respond to your enquiry and any follow up questions speedily and efficiently. Too good to be true? Check our Google reviews.
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