Brighton Teambuilding Treasure Hunts.The Ultimate Guide

Brighton Teambuilding Treasure Hunts.The Ultimate Guide

Posted on: 26/02/2020

So you`ve committed to a treasure hunt as part of your teambuilding day out, but what can you expect from Brighton and Black Cat Treasure Hunts in particular. Here is your ultimate guide to help you turn the `doubters into believers`!

1. Brighton is a compact City: Some of your colleagues may not have the fitness of an Olympian or maybe you have a pregnant team member on the trip. Fear not! Brighton is considered to be a compact City and, as such, Black Cat can `work his magic` to ensure you cover an excellent cross section in under 2 miles.  A loop can be introduced into the route if required to help those who need a rest, at a cafe or similar on the way, before re-uniting with the rest of the team. 

2. Brighton is a trend setter and a trend bucker: A treasure hunt set in Brighton by Black Cat Treasure Hunts is for you and also by you. In other words you give the guidelines on how you want it to go and you will get no arguments in Brighton. Brighton is the leading Vegan friendly City in the country and it also has the most pubs per head of population! It also has the only Green MP, but a Labour one too. It has a strong LGBT representation and an open minded society. If some of our challenges require you to get the locals involved or you want your teams to come along in fancy dress (like our Hen party Mexicans above) then you will like that this is all normal for Brighton and you will get a lot of co-operation! Don`t be shy!

3. History, but not as you know it: Your route will not be a `dry` toil through historically based questions. Brighton has a colourful past (and present!) and this will be reflected in a selection of the questions you will be aiming to answer! Which Royal used his local as a bordello? What`s the connection between Jack The Ripper and the book, Brighton Rock? and Which champion Boxer (apart from Chris Eubank) is featured on a hidden plaque on the outside of a Guitar shop?! These are just a few of the intriguing facts you will be able to answer when you are on one of our routes.

4. Let`s Get Personal: Your office manager or teambuilding co-ordinator may be required to circulate some odd questions in advance about your greatest non work achievement or possibly your hidden quirks or favourite hobbies. They haven`t gone mad (as far as I know!), but Black Cat will be tying your answers into imaginative challenges on route requiring photos or video clip proof. Starred as an extra in a film when you were 10?...time to get your whole team performing a short scene from a film of your choice. Brighton has the full range of scenery and back drops to help you with this type of thing.

5. Teambuilding means sharing a drink,a bite to eat or maybe a song..right?: Of course! Black Cat can start and finish  your hunt at your places of choice. Did you know we can also offer discounts on food and drink at 5 selected pubs (The Mesmerist logo above) in the City and at a karaoke venue too! We are not one trick ponies by any means.

6. Help I need somebody/Help, not just anybody: These may be the first two lines of the Beatles classic `Help`, but is a phrase that Black Cat is ready to respond to at a moments notice. I can give you unbiased (and biased!) recommendations on where to go/places to see/where to meet when visiting Brighton. I can put you in touch with other experts on everything to do with your stay in Brighton. No `finders fees` required by Black Cat..just good old fashioned service with a smile..well..apart from I normally communicate with you via email or phone!

7. Original and Independent: I think you will have gathered by now that the City of Brighton is mirrored in the style of Black Cat`s treasure hunts..original and creative (like the charity snails which you can still see around Brighton). For a small, optional fee we can also be available on the day of your booking to be independent adjudicators/markers/judges of your treasure hunt. The pressure is off your organiser so that everyone can relax.

8. Feedback as fun and as fresh as Brighton: Check our authentic feedback on Black Cat Treasure Hunts` Google Maps page reviews (or on our website or Facebook page). You will find that the words most used are fun,organised,value for money,helpful,creative. Interestingly too..companies who are local comment that they discover new and interestings about Brighton (and themselves!)that they didn`t know before.

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