The 6 types of Xmas shopper.Which one are you?

The 6 types of Xmas shopper.Which one are you?

Posted on: 02/11/2018

Black Cat acknowledges that a lot of people see the start of November as being the no holds barred signal to do all the Xmas shopping. There are six types of Xmas shopper identified here and Black Cat`s advice to each type as to how to improve their shopping experience.

1. `The September`..This person is highly organised and probably bought their Xmas cards last January. Possessor of courage and strong willed they do not mind the abuse given to them by the majority of us criticising them for starting and finishing way too early on the Xmas shopping.
Black Cat advice: Whilst admitting defeat to `The September` in that they will not be persuaded to change their style of shopping, Black Cat would like to timidly suggest buying one late present for all your nearest family members. You might get a bargain...they might not have got their list ready for you in September might give you an adrenalin might remind you of what Xmas is about.

2. `The October`..Oddly quite a different personality to `The September`. To  me this is still ultra organised, but this character is of a nervous disposition and has `bottled it` when they saw `The September` smugly announcing they had finished their Xmas shopping. Black Cat worries they have made Xmas purchases for the sake of it and without properly consulting. Risky strategy for Xmas shopping.
Black Cat advice: Either be braver and do it all in September so that you are not intimidated by `The September` or cut back on how much you do in October and do the second half in November when the Xmas lists are flowing your way.

3. `The early November`..This person enjoys Xmas a lot and needs the sight of Xmas presents in their bag to help them get through the long period from now until...well..Xmas. Possibility of pre-Xmas burn out as this person realises that different friends/family/secret santa ideas will be arriving from now until 24 Dec. This means a lot of different shopping trips.
Black Cat advice: Stay strong and maybe take a shopping free break towards the end of November for you to re-charge and take stock of how many presents you are short of completion. Don`t get over tired and only shop when you are in the mood.

4. `The late November`..Black Cat himself is positioned in this category. Lists are available and it is really time to get on with it. This person identifies a couple of big shopping days and with laser like vision aims to achieve all they set out to get. On-line shopping was probably invented for this type when they fail to get everything in their two big shops.
Black Cat advice: Swallow your pride and make some purchases in the first half of need know and these can be `the surprise` type of presents that no-one actually asked you for. Good luck!

5. `The December`..Certainly does not have young children, but nevertheless is a fan of Xmas shopping frenzy. Other people have probably taken all the ideas off the lists that were around and now this type focus` on creativity and experience. Present`s from this type will either be the best or the worst you get this year.
Black Cat advice: Do some more research on Amazon before you go just in case unscrupulous shop owners are taking advantage of you at this stage. `The September` this person is unlikely to change until their personal circumstances do.

6. `The 24th December`..Black Cat has been here once and it wasn`t fun or clever. Everyone landed up with Yukka plants. This daredevil with a high risk strategy certainly likes the thrill of Russian roulette.Shows plenty of bravado when handing over their presents.
Black Cat advice: Be prepared to spend big on alcohol for yourself and presents to others at this stage. Or..check the final piece of advice below....

Final Black Cat advice: Black Cat Treasure Hunts write great value, creative, fun,personalised treasure hunts all year round. Why not book one now as an original Xmas present for anyone celebrating anything next year...a anniversary...a hen party. the office hero and line up one now for your pre office party activity.

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