An Exceedingly Good Cycling Treasure Hunt

An Exceedingly Good Cycling Treasure Hunt

Posted on: 08/11/2016

New Cycling Treasure Hunt: Hove Seafront to Rudyard Kipling Gardens, Rottingdean

Black Cat decided along with their friends at Cycle Brighton that it was about time a proper treasure hunt was devised for cyclists. Here is a Q and A as to how it came about and what to expect:

Q: Why Hove to Rottingdean?
A: This was the most requested route asked for at Cycle Brighton, the cycle hire specialists in Hove.

Q: What does the treasure hunt comprise of?
A: A series of fun questions that directs you along the route. In addition there are challenges involving taking photos of things you can see on the way.

Q: Who is this suitable for?
A: it is a flat route and suitable for a wide range of standards. It could be done as a leisurely half day exploration as a tourist or for adding fun to a regular route for locals or as a competitive event between teams, as points are allocated to all questions and challenges.

Q: What if my bike is no good or I haven`t got one?
A: The start of the route is close to where Cycle Brighton are based in Ethel St, Hove. These guys will sort you out with bikes to suit all levels and at a competitive rate.

Q: How do I get hold of the treasure hunt and answers?
A: You can either pay for(£4) and download the hunt and answers together on the Black Cat website.Ideal if you already have a bike..or..for those hiring bikes you can purchase the hunt at Cycle Brighton and look at an answer sheet when you return your bikes there.

Q: Any treasure?!
A: The route is full of treasures!  Also if you are hiring bikes, Cycle Brighton will be providing `treasure` to all those who complete the hunt. If you purchase the hunt via Black Cat and let us know how many points you got we will add your points onto the Black Cat leaderboard on the website! (that`s worth more than treasure!)

Q: Anything else I should know?
A: Cycling is great for your health...the treasure hunt is great fun for individuals,families and teams and you finish in a pretty and historic garden.Take a picnic with you to have as you relax at the end.

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