Why Your P.A Will Be The Hero!

Why Your P.A Will Be The Hero!

Posted on: 08/11/2016

January is the best time to get the ball rolling for a teambuilding treasure hunt in Sussex later in the year. Get the credit for coming up with the idea and let us take the strain of organising a bespoke, fun, time efficient and entertaining event at a fantastic price. Here are ten things you need to decide to help us organise  a great day out for you and your team.

1.Where do you want the treasure hunt to be?..We can set up treasure hunts all over Sussex. Our Brighton treasure hunts are great for away days and teambuilding or you may want a social event based on a treasure hunt in the town where you work.

2.Who is taking part?..Our treasure hunts get everyone involved. Our treasure hunt ideas involve taking photos and videos and answering fun and interesting questions along a varied and compact route. Whoever comes along will have the opportunity to contribute fully. It doesn`t matter to us what position they hold in your company. We can personalise your treasure hunt further by including photos and info about the participants into the route and questions!

3.What date are you having the hunt? Black Cat Treasure Hunts can set up hunts at short notice, but the further in advance you decide then the more detailed and fun we can make the hunt. We can include photos and info about the participants to keep everyone on their toes!

4.Will it be competitive?..Our treasure hunts can have points allocated to each question and challenge so that you can split into teams and find out who is the pride of your company. You also have the option of us managing the event on the day and providing an independent judge to decide the winners and make presentations.

5.Can I as the office organiser take part too?...Of course!...we ask you to arrange photos to be sent(optional) and get the others to send relevant info/answers to set questions directly to us so that you have little knowledge about what to expect on the day. Alternatively, we do send a first draft of the hunt for you to check over and be 100% happy with the product.

6.How much time do you want it to take?..we can adapt the content to fit in with your other requirements. if you have limited time then teamwork will come to the fore as you try and decide which questions and challenges to tackle and which ones to leave out in the race to get to the finish on time.

7.Evening or daytime? ..we will change the questions and challenges to fit in with the time of day and what is accessible. Equal fun at any time of the day.

8.Start and finish points?..You may want to start at your hotel and finish at a particular pub or restaurant or alternatively you may prefer to let our local knowledge set the surprise start and finish points.

9.`Must see` places on route? You and your team may be travelling some distance and would like to pass some of the sites on route. No problem..let us know if there are particular ones and we will work them into the route. This actually makes it easier for us.

10. A Sussex treasure hunt means questions about the town?...we generally mix up fun and amusing challenges with interesting and sometimes quirky questions about what you can see on route or about the place where you are. We are happy if you want us to theme the questions as an alternative too


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